Friday, March 21, 2008

Does your Brain work like Google Brains

Can you imagine Google having brains?? All this while we thought only Humans possess brains. I recommend you to check out the video below. It’s absolutely unbelievable to Human Eyes. How would you imagine Google having artificial intelligence?

Google co-founder Larry Page has a theory: your DNA is about 600 megabytes compressed, making it smaller than any modern operating system like Linux or Windows.

The programming language of humans, if you will, would include the workings of your brain, said Page, who offered his hypothesis Friday night during a plenary lecture here at the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science conference. His guess, he said, was that the brain's algorithms weren't all that complicated and could be approximated, eventually, with a lot of computational power.

"We have some people at Google (who) are really trying to build artificial intelligence and to do it on a large scale," Page said to a packed Hilton ballroom of scientists. "It's not as far off as people think."

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